Founding Albatros Clearance Ltd in 1999, we have a thorough understanding of the challenges faced by organisations in managing importations and deliveries efficiently and cost-effectively and maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction.

Highly qualified to analyse and advise on your importation processes, Albatros Clearance are available for consultancy assignments.

A typical consultancy assignment involves the following:

Investigation: Listen and gather data on the full picture – import, export, pick-up, delivery, storage and customs clearance. What area(s) does the client feel to be weak?

Evaluation: Review current service provision and processes and assess their effectiveness, value-for-money, suitability etc.

Recommendations: Make recommendations, without prejudice, on how best to improve the processes. This could involve recommending different service providers, providing cost/price comparisons, and/or tailoring a solution specific to the individual requirements. The consultant will give a balanced perspective, including positives and negatives of the various approaches, leaving the client with a full appreciation of their options and the capability to make more informed decisions.

If import/export is a critical element of your business, and you need to show a strong hand in your commercial dealings, We are available to assist - at business meetings, or at trade shows and exhibitions, for example. They will even contact your prospective customers or suppliers on the phone or in person, on your behalf, to handle their questions about your own importation procedures.


As customs gets ever more complex, we’re broadening the reach of our consultancy service to respond by email or phone to those one-off, tricky or complex customs/importation questions too. We’re calling this our Customs-On-Call service.

For example you may be investigating importing a new product and want to know the practicalities or implications, and need the associated regulations assessed, in order to help you establish whether your new venture is practical, or if it is, what you might need to charge your customers.

Albatros Clearance Ltd can handle these shorter investigative or research challenges for you on an hourly chargeable basis. It works like this - you ring or email us with your query, and we estimate how long it will take to provide you the information you need – let’s say that might be 1 or 2 hours. Providing you’re happy with the fee, we then go ahead and, using a combination of our expert customs knowledge, our contacts and reference sources, we collate a response to your query and present this back to you by email or phone.

Don’t panic – this doesn’t mean we’ll be charging for simple advice! This is strictly for complex investigative queries with specific or detailed circumstances attaching. It’s chargeable by the hour, agreed up-front, and you only pay for the time it takes us to handle your query. It’s a bit like hiring your own customs expert, but just for an hour or two.

To access Customs-On-Call, just phone our usual number and discuss your requirement – it’s as easy as that!