Courier Clearance

Are you a courier company without specialist in-house customs clearance facilities? Or do you only have an occasional export/return consignment to handle? If it’s not your specialised area, clearing customs on your inbound air courier or air freight shipments is probably taking up many unnecessary hours of your time.

Our leading-edge integrated software includes ASM, CNS and LSI-Sigma data freight. This means reliable information, faster clearance time and fewer errors. We produce the documentation and your consignments come through customs without a hitch, allowing you to provide a dependable quality of service to your customers.

Albatros Clearance Ltd processes hundreds of air courier and air freight shipments every day. What could take the inexperienced person all day to achieve, we can accomplish in a few minutes. We pay the charges, arrange for pick-up and delivery, or collection, and invoice on completion. We take care of import licences where applicable. We can even arrange the full air freight process from pick-up to delivery, from origin to destination. All it takes is a phone call.